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Customise a Model and its Map


Organisations can set company standards for mapping colours.  Individual users may customise models to their-own requirements without losing the company standards.

To help users visualize input data, colours can be set for:

  • nodes
  • pipes
  • valves
  • pumps
  • dosing points
  • labels for the above components
  • demand areas, which are typically different types of land use
  • pipe diameter (in colour bands)
  • pipe type (in colour bands)

To help users analyse simulation results, colour bands can be set for:

  • pipe velocity
  • pipe flow
  • pipe head gradient
  • node head
  • node hydraulic level
  • water age
  • chlorine concentration
  • trihalomethane concentration
  • impurity concentration

Users can customise the size of device symbols, flow direction arrows and text.

Data Limits

Data entries can be validated within practical upper and lower limits for:

  • pipe length
  • pipe diameter
  • pipe roughness (or Hazen Williams coefficient)
  • pipe fitting headloss coefficient
  • decay constants (reactivity) used in the water quality calculations.

Standard values can be set for:

  • cover above buried pipes;
  • clearance below pipes laid above ground.