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Import Mapping Backgrounds

Models covering large distances, or located relative to man-made boundaries/features are typically built on top of a mapping background imported from external information sources.  In addition, users are able to manually create simple line work and text to annotate a small model's mapping background. 


The software operates best with mapping coordinates (easting, northing) from a national mapping grid.  The software can also work with local project coordinates, however this limits the ability to export model outputs to geo-spatial environments.


Mapping backgrounds can be imported in two formats:

  1. a DXF file (an AutoCAD drawing exchange file); or
  2. Shapefiles (an intelligent format developed by ESRI).


Intelligent Backgrounds

The software can use the following map backgrounds, imported as Shape files, to automatically assign elevation to model components and calculate the water demand at nodes on the model:

  • Road/lot boundaries (as polygons);
  • Contours (as lines or polylines) from Shape files;
  • Customer water meters (as points) from Shape files or a CSV text file;
PLAIN Backgrounds

Information imported as DXF files form backgrounds only used for visual display:

  • Line work; and
  • Text annotations.