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Customer Service

HCP Software likes to listen to practitioners in the water industry and grow our products to suit their needs.

We believe the best way to do this, is to develop an ongoing relationship with our customers.  That is why HCP Software offers our products on the basis of an annual licence fee.  We aim to stay connected with our customers and grow our products along side the customer's business.  We let customers use our latest versions as they become available.

We offer on-going support to licensed customers, with the only limit being how much time we have available to listen and respond to reasonable requirements.

Licensed customers receive:
On-line training ($850 per person ex. GST):

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Course overiew

aim parts system material

Become a well-informed engineer who can:

  • protect mains with air valves;
  • size and tune pressure vessels;
  • set valve opening/closing times;
  • set pump ramp-up/down times;
  • select appropriate non-return valves;
  • analyse a pipe network as easily as a single pipeline; and
  • grow with experience into a respected transient-analysis practitioner.

Earn 20 hours of
continued professional development