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Transient (water-hammer) Analysis

WATHAM simulates the transient behaviour of pressurised piping systems carrying a Newtonian fluid.  The system can range from a very small piped-process module, a cross-country pipeline, through to a whole town's water supply distribution network.  The specialised tool simulates most enclosed pipe hydraulic installations likely to be met in practice.

It is most often used to assess and protect systems from damage caused by pressure surges.  In systems transporting a very large fluid mass, it can help quantify how automatic controls need to be tuned to match the time it takes the system to respond to pump status and valve position changes.

slide show of WATHAM screens.

Simulation features

It handles most combinations of:

  • Pipes
  • Reservoirs (tanks)
  • Pumping stations and pumps
  • Restrictions
  • Check valves
  • Control valves
  • Pressure sustaining valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Rate-of-flow valves
  • Boreholes
  • Sprinklers
  • Control logic
  • Air cushions
  • Pressure vessels
  • Surge tanks
  • Small diameter standpipes
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Anti-vacuum valves
  • Air valves
  • Vent-O-MatTM air release valves