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Model Data Validation

The software provides a number of ways of validating input data:

  1. As data is entered into forms and tables, each entry is checked to ensure it is the correct type of input and values fall within acceptable limits.
  2. Topology review functions are available.  They examine the pipe network for situations that may appear visually correct but lack spatial integrity.  For example, duplicate pipes drawn in identical locations.  Users select the type of reviews to perform.  The software can then show the user each detected issue on the map.  Manual corrections are required where necessary.
  3. Prior to each simulation, the application scans the data and prepares a log file.

    Errors (if present) are reported in the log file.  It describes which component (pipe label, node label, etc.) contains the error and the nature of the error.  Users are expected to read the log file and manually resolve the input data error.